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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The group was started by Andy Knowles in September 2020.

A small group of concerned citizens, including several doctors, met at Andy Knowle's house to discuss the best approach to educate the public on what the science said related to SARS Cov-2 and COVID-19, to offer preventive medicines to fight viral infection, to oppose the increasing pressure to take the vaccine, which infringed on ones religious freedoms, constitutional rights, and general health.  The group is not “anti-vax”, but concerned doctors and citizens who believe greater measures are being called for than the limited “vaccine only“ strategy.

our pillars

  1. To save more lives and keep more people out of hospital.

  2. To act as an independent voice where there is a health crisis by educating on government response, individual rights and recourse, preventive measures and therapeutic medicines that will help ensure the best possible outcome in any event.

  3. To advocate for a "Patients' Bill of Rights" to ensure informed consent and prevent medical overreach by unelected local and global bodies.

  4. To advocate for the right of each patient requesting others to donate on their behalf to opt to only receive blood from donors of their choice. This would protect unvaccinated patients from possible complications due to receiving vaccinated blood during transfusions while protecting donors' privacy by not requiring them to disclose their vaccination status.

  5. To take a proactive approach in utilizing the legal system to challenge where our constitutional rights were impinged in the Covid response.

  6. To educate the public regarding their constitutional rights and their legal recourse options in the event of infringement.

  7. To educate the public regarding "long covid" and side effects of the vaccine and relevant cutting edge treatments.

  8. Lobby for the government to adopt a pandemic response model, such as the Norfolk Model which does not include any mandatory medical interventions (i.e. vaccines) or mandatory lockdowns, in order to ensure accountability and preservation of constitutional rights. 

  9. Lobby for the government to address excess morbidity/mortality/fertility issues in our population in the post-covid era.

  10. To share with the public the results of scientific medical evidence on the Covid virus that natural immunity plus preventive and therapeutic medicines are more effective in saving lives.


We have registered OPTIMIST under the NPO 2019 Act as an unincorporated Non Profit Organisation. Our Constitution can be found here

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