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advocatING for COVID-19 treatmentS 

OPTIMIST advocates for the early treatment of COVID-19 as well as treatments for the after effects of the spike protein contracted either through COVID or COVID vaccination. 

ministry of health & wellness protocols

The Ministry of Health & Wellness has a very limited outpatient protocol for early treatment, which is "Stay at home except to get medical care".

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There are several documented early treatment protocols that were utilised by OPTIMIST Doctors to prevent severe disease, hospitalisation and death in patients during the pandemic.

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There are starting to appear in the medical literature treatments for Long COVID and vaccine injuries. As the material is published, we will be adding it here.

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clinical guidance for medical practitioners

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There are over 100 different studies, often ignored by critics, that demonstrate Ivermectin's efficacy. Here are ten that jump out:

S. Ahmed et al. (2020): Outcome: 85% improved symptoms (p=0.09), 76% improved viral clearance (p=0.03).

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R. Chahla et al. (2021): Outcome: 95% fewer moderate/severe cases (p=0.002) and 84% fewer cases (p=0.004). No moderate/severe cases in the treatment group vs. 10 in the control group.

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R. Mahmud et al. (2020): Outcome: 86% lower mortality (p=0.25), 57% lower progression (p=0.001), 94% improved recovery (p<0.0001), and 39% improved viral clearance (p=0.002).

V. Desort-Henin et al. (2023): Outcome: 96% fewer cases (p<0.0001) with pre-exposure prophylaxis.

M. Varnaseri et al. (2024): Outcome: 82% lower ventilation (p=0.02), 83% lower ICU admission (p=0.0004), 33% shorter hospitalization (p=0.001), and 28% faster recovery (p<0.0001).

A. Biber et al. (2021): Outcome: 70% lower hospitalization (p=0.34) and 62% improved viral clearance (p=0.02).

R. Chahla et al. (2021): Outcome: 87% higher hospital discharge (p=0.004)

M. Khan et al. (2020): Outcome: 87% lower mortality (p=0.02), 89% lower ICU admission (p=0.007), 83% lower progression (p=0.0004), and 87% improved recovery (p=0.02).

Z. Aref et al. (2021): Outcome: 63% improved recovery (p=0.0001) and 79% improved viral clearance (p=0.004).

A. Chowdhury et al. (2020) Outcome: 81% lower hospitalization (p=0.23), 46% improved recovery (p<0.0001), and 81% improved viral clearance (p=0.23).

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